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NEW Horn Buttons
Some are crossed out because of the Volvo sad face.

Style 1. R-Sport.
Chrome logo with Yellow and Blue.

Style 2. Prancing Moose.
Classic Yellow with Black Moose

Style 4. Vintage V-Circle Style.
  Classic Chrome Circle Logo.

Style 5. V-TURBO
Classic Chrome and Red

Style 6.   - V -
  Chrome V on Black. Special limited edition


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Pictured above are new replica horn button assemblies.  These will fit original Momo Volvo or R-Sport steering wheels, as well as many other with a center hole that's about 52 to 53 mm (about 2 inches). These buttons feature bright chrome details and traditional colors. 
These will fit most Momo, Sparco, Grant, Nardi, Personal, Italvolante, Dino and many other steering wheels. The steering wheels to the left is a Momo.  
Overall OUTER DIAMETER of the horn button at its widest part is 60 mm (about 2 5/16 inches).

This is the GROUND BAR.

When installing a horn button like this, you might find it's a bit tight in some steering wheels, which have a metal ring. In these cases the best method is to insert the GROUND BAR first, then press the rest of the button into the hole. Not all steering wheels will have a metal ring inside like shown above, but for those that do, this metal ring can sometimes be used to complete the horn electrical circuit. 

Note below that the GROUND BAR and GROUND TAB 2 and connected inside the button.  When connecting this button you can use either TAB 2 or the GROUND BAR. There's no need to use both.  Both the GROUND BAR and TAB 2 will then connect to GROUND TAB 1 when the button is PRESSED.

Feel free to email if you have questions:

Motolita steering wheel with Prancing Moose.

O P T I O N A L   I T E M
5-hole Grant style.
Dimensions: 3.25 inch (81 mm) diameter. Inner centering hole: about 2 inches (51-53 mm)

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Centering Ring NOTE #1:
This ring for sale is as pictured above and is made for a 5-hole steering wheel
(known as a Grant style).  If you want to use it with a 6-hole Momo steering wheel, you would need to re-drill it to a 6 hole pattern
This ring is not needed for every application, since many steering wheels don't use one at all.  I believe most new Momo hub adapters will come with one of these, however these rings can be hard to find if you lose yours or don't have one to begin with.

Centering Ring NOTE #2:
Many steering wheels which use the type of horn button offered here will have a hole in the center that is 2 inches (51 mm) in diameter.  These steering wheels will work with the above horn buttons as is. Nothing else is needed. However, the center holes in some Momo, Personal and Grant steering wheels have been found to be about 55 mm.  For these steering wheels it's best to use a centering ring to get a snug.  A snug fit is best because your horn button needs a proper ground for the horn switch to work correctly.

What if you don't have a steering wheel that uses one of these great horn buttons?
I don't sell steering wheels, but in my opinion a great steering wheel can really make your car so much nicer to drive.  Do a search in eBay for 'momo steering wheel' or 'grant steering wheel' and you'll find hundreds for sale.  The horn buttons sold here fit all steering wheels shown below and many more.
  Prancing Moose horn button R-Sport horn button R-Sport horn button Prancing Moose horn button

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