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Variable Delay Relay
Fitting a VW Delay Relay
Faster 240 Wipers

New Variable (Adjustable Interval Delay) Relay.
In 1978, Volvo introduced the Intermittent Windshield Wiper Relay.
The delay interval was NOT originally adjustable.
PN 3523610. Other matching part numbers: 1235067, 6849780, 3202100, 83553040303. The original relay in your car is black.
Fits the following Volvos:
240 - 260:  ALL 1978-1993
740 - 760 - 780: 1985-1992
940: 1991-1995
Volvo adjustable                                intermittent wiper relay

This relay (in a 240) is usually found on the firewall behind the firewall carpet (BEHIND A REMOVABLE METAL PLATE), to the left of your brake pedal.
For 1979 and later it will be wrapped in white foam for protection.

For 1978 only, it may be found at the transmission tunnel just in front of the heater box.

  Volvo 240 intermittent wiper relay    
This is a special ADJUSTABLE - VARIABLE DELAY version of the wiper relay. 
This relay has a MEMORY.  Adjustment is very simple and it will allow you to easily program ANY interval between 1.5 and 22 seconds to suit any rain or mist conditions.
Turn the key to ON (key position for wipers to have power).
Lift the wiper lever from OFF up to to the intermittent position and then back to the OFF position. After a few seconds, again lift the wiper lever up to intermittent. Done!
This relay will memorize the time interval between these LAST TWO MOVEMENTS and that will now be your new intermittent wiper interval.
Any interval can be set from 1.5 to 22 seconds.
To change your wiper interval again, just repeat.

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Fitting a VW Adjustable Intermittent Delay Wiper Relay
James Gresham in Australia has posted a useful guide on fitting a VW Adjustable Intermittent Delay Relay to your 240.

Better and Faster Windshield Wipers
This should help with some common complaints among many 240 owners.  Here are some suggestions to make your life better.
Referring to this diagram, this will show you a very simple mod I have done to my 240s over the years.  By swapping two wires on your wiper switch (terminals 53 and 53b), you can reverse your wiper switch function. This means when your stalk is pushed to the first position, instead of the slow (crawl) speed, your wipers go to high-speed.  Slow speed becomes the second position instead of the first. I never use slow speed anyway. This modification also makes it so your intermittent wipers run at high-speed.  This particular diagram to the left is for a 1985 240.  I have noticed that on some other year diagrams the wire colors are reversed. Either way, terminals 53 and 53b are the ones to swap no matter what. Try it out.

Also remember your 240 is a pretty old car. Wire connections on 240s can get corroded over time and have also been known to loosen up.  As a point of maintenance in any older car, you should inspect electrical connections (and grounds) on occasion to make sure they look CLEAN and TIGHT. The harness plug going to your wiper motor under your hood has probably never been checked. Now is a good time to clean it.  Unplug it and have a look. 
And keep this in mind . . . if you have ever found a melted plastic connector anywhere in your car, it's because of excess heat generated by high resistance from a loose or corroded connection. So clean and tight connections are important.

Lastly, use a volt meter to check the battery voltage while your engine is running. 
Low voltage makes for slow wipers. Check your running voltage at the battery and then check the voltage to the power circuit at the wiper motor plug. This is the YELLOW wire.
Most 240s are lucky to put out 13.8 volts at the battery. Many will be lower and some will be under 13 volts.That makes your wipers very sad and slow.  Dirty, corroded or loose power or ground connections between the battery, starter or alternator and things like your wiper motor and wiper interval relay can have a big effect here.
And always remember to check your grounds. So many people ASSUME their old ground connections are good, but have you actually checked? Check for yourself! 

 And speaking of that WIPER INTERVAL RELAY near your feet, it is often the victim of corrosion from moisture getting into the car. 
Check it and clean the connector if you never have.

You should be aware that some 240 wiper motors use a separate ground point to complete its ground circuit.  If your wiper motor is not properly grounded, it can behave poorly. 
Click here to see a useful discussion thread about this:

You might also consider an adjustable voltage regulator if you have less than good charging voltage..  I prefer 14.2V to 14.7V charging voltage if at all possible. 
Adjustable voltage regulators are AVAILABLE HERE.

Here's a page created by a 245 owner who shows how he fixed a sad wiper motor that had its internal magnets coming loose  It's a common malfunction when these motors age.  This is a much easier repair than you might think. Only a little glue is all that's needed.

Here's a better way to re-seal the weatherproof seal between the wiper motor and the 240 body: https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=293022

And here's an extensive page covering just about EVERYTHING you would ever want to know about how these wiper work and how to make repairs.

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