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VINYL STICKERS (Gloss UV Laminated)
When I first designed the first Volvo Prancing Moose back in 2005, it was intended to be a parody of the Ferrari horse emblem shown on the right.   It was a tongue 'n' cheek way of having some fun with a Volvo... at Ferrari's expense of course. These sticker became popular and the selection has now grown to many different designs.  It's out of control!
ABOUT STICKER QUALITY:  This is my 13th year producing these stickers and you'll see that quality is EXCEPTIONAL! 

I offer all these stickers (and more... scroll down!).  All stickers are printed on durable adhesive backed VINYL and have a professional grade clear UV poly laminate over the front.  They are waterproof and will resist the sun for years.  They are available in numerous styles and sizes.

These stickers may be placed on a bumper, window, or on your paint.  
I also offer a MAGNETIC BACKING option for those who wish to stick them to a steel panel without adhesive and most may be ordered as a reverse inside window sticker as an option.

Printed vinyl stickers are also available with Magnetic Backing
Magnetic backing is .030" (0.75 mm) magnet thickness. Approximately 85 lbs pull per square foot.  They will definitely stay on your car at highway speeds, however caution should be used when entering a high-pressure car wash.  Magnetic back option will add $1.00 to each sticker.

Understanding how the Prancing Moose came into being.
Prancing Moose History 101:  When the XC90 debuted in 2003, Volvo was busy organizing a number of test drive events, where quite a few Volvo fans (including me) came out to see and test-drive the new SUVs on fast cone slalom courses.  Volvo was showing off their new and advanced Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), a first of its kind for an SUV.  Most courses allowed us to drive the cars by ourseles as many times as we wanted. Lot of good fun. One of the courses was a special slalom, where a professional driver would take a carload of folks, accelerate quickly to about 60 mph, while keeping his foot firmly planted on the gas... to the floor, and then crank the wheel as fast as he could one direction, then the other through a tight set of cones.  This maneuver simulated the sudden high-speed avoidance of an obstacle in the road, such as a moose. Volvo was calling this course the "Moose Avoidance Test."  The DSTC was truly an amazing feature in this test.  Many other tall vehicles would have certainly become unstable and possibly lost control, spun out or even rolled over during such an extreme maneuver, but Volvo's DSTC took over the throttle and brakes and kept the big SUV in perfect form without a hint of trouble. Even with the driver's foot to the floor, we could feel how the DSTC aggressively controlled the throttle and all four brakes, each brake independently, to keep the vehicle straight and stable.  The result was the vehicle exiting the course, still at 60 mph plus, with perfect composure. This stuck in my mind as a remarkable event and something no other SUV at the time would dare try without a full roll cage and everyone in helmets.  

Then in January 2005, when Volvo began showing one of their special concept XC90s at car expos, I spotted one of them at the Los Angeles Car Expo sporting a blue and yellow moose sticker on its fender (see photo at right >>>). It was a cartoon-like standing moose profile.  It got a lot of smiles from the crowd.  I instantly thought of designing the Prancing Moose, using the Ferrari horse to create a parody prancing moose sticker for my car.

<<< So then I designed the first set of Volvo Prancing Moose stickers in January 2005, which immediately went on the fenders of my 245 (<<< see photos at left) for the 2005 SoCalEuro Meet in Anaheim, California. The response to those stickers was a big surprise. Photos were turning up in web pages and magazines.  I began receiving many requests for that sticker, so I began making a few. I never expected it would become popular, but it did, nor did I expect anyone would ask me to make some, but they did. 

Now I have more styles than I can count.  So if you own a Volvo and have a sense of humor, I think these stickers are a requirement.  If you seldom smile while driving, adding one to your car will fix that.  And as you can see, they are also available for our SAAB cousins and many other makes of cars now HERE.  Prancing Moose stickers are turning up on many cars, trucks, motorcycles, helmets, and even buses!

Prancing Moose Stickers and Labels CLICK HERE

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