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Updated: October 18, 2021  

For 1981 thru 1993 240/260 Series Main Gauge Cluster

VDO versus YAZAKI instrument clusters. CLICK HERE.

  Original Gauge Sets
Here are some examples of original 240 instrument clusters.

1981 244 non-turb
o, 85 mph, tachometer

1982 245 Turbo, 85 mph, tachometer

1983 244 non-turbo, 200 km/h (Canada), clock

1984 242 Turbo, 120 mph, tach

1984 242 Turbo, 200 km/h (Canada), tachometer

1985 244 non-turbo, 120 mph, tach

1985 245 non-turbo, 120 mph, clock, no 'H' 'C' ;F' 'E'

1986 244, 120, clock, no 'H' 'C' ;F' 'E'

1988 245, 120 mph, clock

1989 244, 200 km/h, clock

1992 245, 120 mph, tachometer

1993 245, 120, clock


  STYLE #1 for 1981-85 240, 120 Speedo with Tach or Clock
A 120 mph STYLE #1 with no changes will look like this below.
Orange km/h markings may be deleted (no extra charge)
Tach redline may be changed to 6000 is desired.
"VOLVO" text between Temp/Fuel may be deleted upon request.

Here is Style #1 below on an '83 240 with an optional 85 mph speedo.

Example of STYLE #1 for 1986-93 240, 120 Speedo with Clock
"HCFE" was deleted from Temp/Fuel (available option, no extra charge)
"VOLVO" was deleted between Temp/Fuel (available no extra charge)

This option for the Temp/Fuel gauges is also available (no extra charge). 
This is the style taken from STYLE #2. If you prefer this, ask for the Temp/Fuel from Style #2.

Example of STYLE #1 with 200 km/h speedo.
Optional 6000 RPM tach with yellow at 5500 RPM (available, no extra charge).
The piece between the Temp/Fuel  may be left out if wanted.

Example of 200 km/h STYLE #1 with "VOLVO" removed.

The below 200 km/h speedo (with orange MPH markings) may be added (no extra charge).

Full-color step-by-step instructions for disassembling your gauges and installing these faces.

Adhesion Promoter is recommended to improve the installation of gauge face overlays. It is not needed in all situations, however if your car may be subjected to high interior temperatures frequently (parked outside) or many times over the years, the adhesive on the backs of overlays can soften and allow the edges to lift. Applying a little of this before installation on the faceplate edges will greatly improve adhesion. For convenience, a cotton swab is included. This isn't some mythical snake-oil. It has been tested and works great.

Applying this stuff is easy. Dip the cotton swab in the liquid and smear the edges of the face plates where the overlays will be. It dries in seconds.  CAUTION: Using this stuff makes things stick very well, so be careful when placing the overlay down. It will be harder to lift and re-position.

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All faces have a Matte/Non-Glare Laminated UV Poly Film over the front to protect the finish.
1981-85 240/260 with 85 MPH speedo and Tachometer or Clock   
1981-85 240/260 with 120 MPH speedo and Tachometer or Clock
(Above sets also available with 200 kmh or 220 kmh speedometer)

1986-88 240 with 120 MPH speedo and Tachometer or Clock
1989-93 240 with 120 MPH speedo and Tachometer or Clock
(Above sets also available with 200 kmh or 220 kmh speedometer)

NOTE: If you have a later 240, you will notice that on the letters "H", "C", "F" and "E" are not present on the factory Temp and Fuel gauges. 
These letters are normally included on all Style #1 sets, but you may have deleted at no extra cost if you like.  

All faces have a Satin Laminated UV Plastic Film over the front to protect the finish.  

If there is something else you would like to see done (color changes, other additions or deletions), feel free to ask.  Most changes can be done without any extra charges.

  All Main Face Sets priced as follows:
$36.00 USD each

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Then list item numbers or other descriptions or options in text box.

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